Best California Legal Shotguns for Self Defense in 2022

Best California Legal Shotguns for Self Defense in 2022

Aug 31st 2022

Shotguns are loved by all gun lovers and there are pretty solid reasons for loving them. Shotguns are strong, reliable, effective, affordable and most importantly easy to use. These traits are very important when you are looking for a gun to defend yourself and the people around you effectively. 

Shotguns are notoriously popular from various Hollywood movies for the sheer power they execute and the damage they can cause to the other party involved. But having said that, shotguns make for a very good option when it comes to self or home defense. California shotguns may look less effective in comparison with AR-15 or AK-47s but trust me, these are more powerful and well-made guns you can totally rely on.

Before I reveal the top San Diego legal shotguns to you, we first need to establish the fact that shotguns are the best options for self as well as home defense. Keep in mind that this is the list of the best of the best options in a shotgun, if your gun is lacking one or two of these features there is no need to disregard it completely. Firstly, there are 3 kinds of shotgun loads, birdshot, buckshot or slugs. 

The birdshot and buckshot have pallets in them that spread in the air when shot. The birdshot has smaller pallets while the buckshot has bigger ones. The slugs are a large solid projectile which has a better range and penetration. For home defense or self-defense I would always recommend the buckshot as they are more damaging for the attacker rather than the property.

You also have to keep the barrel length into consideration which ideally should be somewhere no less than 18inches. It’s recommended to keep as close to the minimum length as you can for better maneuverability and flow. When it comes to the action type, the classic pump action or semi-automatic shotguns are the best. 

Also try to opt for the maximum capacity in magazines as you want the shotgun in critical life-death situations and the last thing you want is to refill your ammo. Now that we have a basic knowledge of what to look for in a self-defense California shotgun, let’s check out the best ones the market has to offer.

Best California Legal Shotguns for Self-Defense

1.Beretta 1301 Tactical California Legal

The best defensive shotgun in the market today is Beretta 1301 tactical as it ticks all the boxes and hits it out of the park with the features. You’ll find this model out of stock in most of the stores and online as well due to its high demand. Designed to pacify the needs of law enforcement agents as well as home defense, the Beretta 1301 is engineered in such a way that it’s super easy to use, maneuver and reload. 

The barrel length is the ideal 18.5 inches making it move easily even in tight spots. This semi-automatic, sleek black beauty is irresistible but the only thing that makes it hard to purchase is the high price tag of $1300-$1400! But if you do have the money then it’s the best!

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2.Mossberg 930 Tactical California Legal

One of the most sought-after and renowned names in the firearm industry is Mossberg. They have a fantastic collection of shotguns of all kinds that can get any gun lover drooling. Although there were many strong contenders like Mossberg 500, 590 or Maverick 88 that could take up all the slots on this list, I have strictly chosen the best of the best in regards to self-defense and home defense. 

The Mossberg 930 tactical is a semi-auto shotgun that allows super-fast loading due to dual gas vent system, it has a quick empty magazine release button and the best part is that it’s super affordable unlike the other semi-automatic shotguns that costs nothing less than a $1000. The barrel length of this California legal shotgun is ideal, 18.5 inches with an overall length of 38”. The gauge is 12, the capacity is 7+1 and it weighs around 7.25-7.5 lbs.

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3.Remington 870

Probably the best and the most reliable pump action shotgun that not only looks lethal but also performs right up to the mark. The Remington 870 has been around for over 100 years now and has not lost a dime of her credibility in all these years, now that’s tough with all the competition. This double action bar is equally reliable while hunting as it is when defending. 

As this is also a pump action shotgun, the loading time depends on how fast you’re, load into the magazine and shuck shells into the action and you will be able to fire each and every time. The best thing about this pump action shotgun is that it has the perfect balance in regards to the weight and feel. The Remington 870 is affordable as it only costs you around $500 and you’re capable of defending yourself anywhere.

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4.FN SLP Police

If you’re looking for a shotgun that you can trust with the life of your loved ones and yourself then it has to FN SLP police for sure. This shotgun has a long ancestry of high-stakes and hard situations which makes it super reliable and trustworthy. A FN SLP is the best shotgun on the market today when talking solely about home-defense. I am saying this because it has the fastest and the smoothest gas-operated action that is reliable and sustainable. 

The follow up shots are also clean with a much reduced recoil. Although the barrel length is around 22inches it is very well compensated with the capacity that is 9 rounds. This shotgun is a bit on the higher price point around $1200 but worth every cent spent!

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Ending Lines

I know the list is pretty small and straight but trust me, these are the best of the best. You can get many more options on our website for all kinds of San Diego legal shotguns which are all great!