Best Scopes and Sights to Mount on Your California Legal Gun

Best Scopes and Sights to Mount on Your California Legal Gun

Sep 30th 2022

Owning a firearm is a very enthralling, exciting and exhilarating feeling that will make you feel confident, secure and courageous. In order to feel all this you need to not only own a firearm but also have full command over it by practicing and doing shooting training.

Although the type of firearm, its design, functions and technical characteristics make a huge difference in the performance, the effectiveness of the shooting is not just dependent on that or on the level of training or practicing you have done. There is another important factor that plays a huge role in determining your performance and that’s the type of guns sights and scopes you are using.

Rifles for sale in California can be mounted with some amazing and quite brilliant sight and scopes options which will make your target shooting a breeze, helping you in hunting, shooting competition and even in defense.

7 Best Scopes and Sights to Mount on Your California Legal Gun

1. Iron Sights

Iron sights also known as open sights are the very basic, uncomplicated and simple design that we usually see on the rifles and pistols. Iron sights usually come with the firearms but you can also find better variations in them from online stores of handguns San Diego.

Iron sights can be mounted on rifles, shotguns and handguns but for shotguns the design is a little different than the other two. In order to understand what exactly an iron/open sight is you need to think of it as a way to align your eye, barrel and the target in one straight line.

This alignment can be the difference between taking a lifetime shot or missing it completely, so do not take it lightly. The iron sights consist of two sets of pieces, a rear sight and a front sight. The rear sight is located rear of the firearm whereas the front sights are located at the front of it.

The main aim of the shooter is to make sure that he or she visually aligns the rear sight, front sight and the target in the same line, exactly in the center of the sight shot in order to claim the target.

The best thing about the iron sights is that these are inexpensive even if you get the top notch one. You can easily mount them on your rifle as the design is simple without any complexities.

WBT guns offer a solid range of iron sights starting from a range of $44.99 which is a simple, basic design and goes up till the very amazing and effective front and rear sight set of $204. Open sights do their job without any hitch, due to the manual configuration there is far less chance of messing up so reliability is another factor to love.

Consisting of just 2 pieces, iron sights are compact and light in weight which means no extra burden when carrying the gun around. Just as easy and simple the design is, the maintenance and manageability is also fuss free.

Although the range of the sight is fairly restricted due to no magnifying it still is very effective once you have learned the art of aligning the target with the sights. You can use the iron sight in any weather condition, under any temperature which makes it ever so reliable and your most trustworthy companion.

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2. Pistol Night Sights

For people who like to go on hunting trips must know the feeling of unease when nightfall draws upon and you can’t really see much, that feeling is both scary and intimidating.

Even though you feel your firearm on your shoulders, there is always a doubt of not being able to clearly see the target, if something pops up. Well, this problem can be solved with night sights as it allows you to see clearly even in pitch black which is a great help because not even a flashlight can allow you to see through the sights.

A night sight is basically a glow in the dark kind of sight that is a replacement of your iron sights or white dot sights. People generally think that night sights are only for night time but that is a misconception, these work just fine in day time as well making them appear like normal sight and the magic happens in the dark!

There are basically 2 types of night sights, one is the fiber optic colored piece of glass works with what little light it can gather from its surroundings to illuminate. The second type has the radioactive material called Tritium that is not dependent on its surroundings to emit light, it produces its own light.

You can find them in various fun colors like orange, green, red and yellow. WBT guns offer 7 different styles and models of pistol night sights starting from the range of $69.99 and going up till $119.99. All these models of night sights are fully acquiescent with rifles for sale in California.

These pistol night sights are better than what generally comes factory-made with your firearm. The reason is that it’s better quality and with good practice it will feel just like it always belonged to your gun. Another great thing about night sights is that it even allows you to look perfectly well even when you pull the trigger and a huge, blinding explosion occurs.

These sights aren’t just for day time or full darkness, the time when the sun is setting the light is there but low, the night sights become your guiding light, allowing you to maneuver efficiently. The only thing that you want to be mindful about is that these sights are fragile which can break easily so make sure you have them in good hands and always ensure your chances of a perfect shot!

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3. Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights also known as reflex optics are a great, accurate and fast way to align the target which are at a short to middle range. As the name suggests, this optic has a red dot that is used as a reticle and makes the job very simple and fuss-free.

The red dot sights are the best, most convenient option, especially for the first time users. Red dot sights show you what is in the real world as there is no magnification which allows the user to zoom in. But with the 1x optics it gives a clear picture of the target, as you can see through them with both eyes open, and there is no problem in acquiring the target.

These red dot sights work great on rifles for sale in California and also on pistols up to the range of 300 yards but mostly shooters like to keep them in a range of 100 yards. There are a lot of options when it comes to the red dot style sights which allows the users to choose the best option according to their usage of the firearm.

There are basically 4 main types of red dot sights- Reflex, Holographic, Prism and Magnifying sights. The difference between each type is how they project the reticle onto the lens and back in the shooter’s eyes.

The reflex sights use an LED emitter to project the reticle which in turn reflects back as a precise aiming point in the shooter’s eyes. The Holographic sights are a more advanced version as these sights use laser-based holographic technology to project an image of the reticle within the sight. The holographic sight displays a reconstructed image on the sight rather than directly reflecting the image in your eyes.

The prismatic sight is the perfect balance between the reflex and the holographic sights as these sights have an imprinted or engraved reticle that means you can use them without illumination. Lastly the magnifying sights, as the name suggests offers magnification that allows the shooters to zoom in the image up to 5 times.

Red dot sights are great for rifles, shotguns and even handguns, as they provide excellent vision in dark environments, give perfect target acquisition and are so very simple to use. Check out their amazing range of WBT guns starting with just $179.99!

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4. Micro Red Dot/RMR

Micro red dot is also known as RMR which means ruggedized miniature reflex. These types of sights have a signature element of fast target acquisition while having the shooter work with both eyes open. These types of sights differ from the simple red dot sights and the iron sights as it allows a longer range which is ideal for game hunting or target practice shooting.

These micro red sights can also be a great addition to your cameras and telescopes if not your firearms. There are a number of amazing options available in RMR sights on WBT guns starting from the range of $199.99 to $649.99.

You can also find micro red dot sights of well reputed companies like Sig Sauer, Holosun, Truglo Red dot, lucid optics and various types of Trijicon.

These sights work on the system of battery operated LED that uses the collimating optics to create a reticle that appears as a dot on the sights. The best part about this sight is that it remains intact with the target even if the shooter closes one eye or keeps both of them open.

Even though these sights are battery operated and you may have a doubt that they may run out at a very crucial time, rest assured of its long battery life of around a thousand plus hours!

The RMR sights are quite versatile and easily compatible with various firearms which make them an ideal add-on as a main optic or even as an enhancer on other optic you may already have. Although, generally these micro red dot sights are preferred for handguns San Diego but you can use them for rifles as well.

This little gadget is an excellent addition to your tool box or collection as RMR sights can be easily mounted on many firearms and they are also California compliant. They are light in weight, durable, sturdy and built with aluminum for best quality.

There are several amazing color options available in these micro red dots even though the most common one is red. You may find them in black, gray, tan, orange or even yellow.

Different brands bring different qualities on the table but the ones I have mentioned are readily available in all the options offered by us at WBT guns. So if you’re looking to up your hunting game with less money spent than these sights are the best options you have.

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5. Magnified Optics

What makes Tom Cruise shot like a pro in MI series, how does John Wick have a perfect aim and what makes the Stormtrooper so lethal, well the rifle's scopes make all the difference! It is like a miniature telescope that can be mounted on top of your firearm to shoot with accuracy, precision and class. But choosing the right magnification for the right kill is very important.

The magnification you have on your gun can drastically alter your target acquisition, which can sometimes be a better life and death as well. The number series given with each model tells you the magnification offered by that model like 6-24X or 1.5-4x20mm or 1-6x24mm or 4.45-14x. These numbers give you an idea of how much closer you can see the target.

In general, there are 2 main types of scopes available- Fixed and Variable. The fixed scope are the ones that have only one number in the range section like the 6-32X whereas the variable scope has more than one magnification like 3-6X 20mm. So what is the difference?

Well, the difference is in the versatility of ranges. With the fixed scope you can only shoot from a specific range but with a faster aim and higher quality. But with the variable scope you can shoot with a variety of range but the compromise comes on the quality and it comes with a heavy price tag as well.

So if your hunting games require you to shoot from different ranges then the variable scope is your friends otherwise the fixed one is the best! The magnified optics can be found in 3 different ranges-Low range that is up to 8X, the mid-range that is up to 16X and the high range that is up to- 32X!

There are many different magnification options offered at WBT guns but you must choose according to your requirement as choosing the maximum magnification isn’t the best option.

The magnification you need is decided by the objective lens, it’s the number that comes after the X in the range of the scope like the 1.5-4x20mm so 20mm is the objective lens clarity. 28mm or under this range is great for close range hunting and for smaller firearms with little recoil.

The 30-45mm ones are suitable for low-light hunting games and for firearms with heavier recoil and the 50mm or above is ideal for super long range hunting and extreme low light. You can find a versatile range of all these magnification and objective lenses at WBT guns so do check out!

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6. Night Vision/ Thermal

Night time isn’t really an ideal time to hunt or practice shooting but it’s the time when things can get pretty ugly and dangerous for sure, so one should be prepared right? Well, night vision and thermal optics can be your best friends when it comes to using your firearm at night. Both these technologies allow the hunters to not only detect or identify their target at night time but also acquire it without any hitch. Although there are several factors to weigh before choosing the best one for you, we first need to understand what each of the technologies has to offer.

Night vision scopes are an optical system that uses some kind of a light either from the moon, stars or its surroundings to produce a clear and bright image for the shooter’s eye.

This will amplify the current view by using an image intensifier tube providing a true optical view just like you’ll see at day time.

Most of the night vision scopes come with an IR illuminator in case there isn’t enough light that can be gathered from the surroundings to produce a good quality image.

Night vision optics do not really serve any purpose in the daytime, they are only a viable option if you are mostly hunting after nightfall. On the other hand, thermal optics are a great option for both daytime and night time hunting and are an absolute delight to use.

They are great at observing, tracking, shooting and hunting but with a few limitations. The word thermal is synonymous with heat and temperature, so thermal imaging is a high resolution image of different temperatures of the surroundings.

With the 1x magnification you’ll get an amazing quality image but as the magnification increases the picture quality also decreases just like our phone cameras.

Night vision optics are great for a true optical image in order to recognize and identify the game but it isn’t that great for shooting perfectly.

Thermal optics are not so great at recognition of the target as you can’t really tell apart a dog, a coyote or a deer with thermal imagery but the hunting aspect is a breeze once the target is identified.

WBT guns offer a versatile range of both these optic styles and can be used as per your requirement from a pocket friendly range starting with just $299.99 and it goes up till $3779.99!

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7. Mounts and Rings

All the above mentioned things will be useless unless you have the right mounts or rings for your rifles, shotguns or handguns. These mounts and rings are closely related to mounting the scope on your firearm.

Usually the rings are the attachments that fix the scope on your gun. Sometimes the scope can be affixed directly to the firearm using the rings or mounts and other times a special mount is required to mount the scope on the firearm.

Not all firearms are inherently compliant with all kinds of scopes and sights, sometimes there’s a need for a special something that can connect the scope to the gun and that is where these mounts and rings come in.

These rings and scopes aren’t merely the catapults that join the scope to the firearm, if these rings or mounts aren’t of great quality or don't adhere well with the gun, they can be the difference between life and death.

They should be strong enough to withhold all the moving, packing, shifting and carrying while being light enough to be carried all day. If these mounts don’t grab well to the firearm, it can greatly impact the accuracy and precision.

These rings and mounts are just like tires to a car, if you want it to run smoothly without any hitch then it must not be compromised in any way.

The size of the ring must be considered before purchasing and a good thumb rule is that the scope rings should match the tube diameter of the scope so if for instance it’s a 1” scope then the scope ring should also be 1”.

Another important thing to consider when purchasing the rings or mounts is the height of the scope.

The scope should be mounted in such a way that it shouldn’t be touching the barrel. Low rings are ideal for 40mm scope, medium rings are great for 42-45mm and for the 50mm + the super high rings are just perfect.

WBT guns offer limited but great options when it comes to rings and mounts so do check out their products which are at the best price point as well.

Rings and mounts are also two separate things so not to confuse or interchangeably use them for one another. The rings are the attachment that connects the scope with the firearm whereas the mount is a combination of rings and bases.

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Ending Lines

California is a state that wants its citizens to be safe yet rightfully exercising their Second Amendment right. WBT guns have understood the assignment very well and are constantly in the process of providing the citizens of California a way that is both acceptable for the gun lovers while being California compliant!