.454 Casull

The .454 Casull is like a raging bull, all set to rip apart anything that comes in its way. We generally tend to associate high powered and high velocity calibers with long barrel firearms like shotguns and rifles but California legal handguns are very much compatible with the bullets loaded with gun powder and .454 Casull is one such caliber bullet.

Hunters of big games that hunt in heavy covers love this caliber as it generates enough power to incapacitate bigger animals in one shot. Even though the recoil is quite potent, the results are very satisfactory which makes up for it! Not a very ideal caliber for first timer users or people looking to defend their homes or properties but definitely a great choice for people looking for a powerful caliber for self-defense as it will defend you very well. 

Practice using this caliber at your training sessions and shooting ranges and see how you gain confidence. Once you have befriended this revolver, there is no turning back as you’ll love and enjoy the power, the results and the feel. WBT guns take pride in providing its customer a wide range of calibers, guns and add-ons that are very popular or not-so-popular.

Handguns San Diego offered by WBT guns support all these powerful calibers so that you’re able to enjoy the best range at the best price point possible. Ruger is one of the best companies in this caliber and we have 2 amazing options in it, so check them out.