.460 Magnum

When talking about the world’s highest velocity revolver cartridge, .460 bags the top position. It shoots the bullets at a firing speed of 734m/s which it achieves by operating at chamber pressure that is usually reserved for rifle cartridges. This large bore, 5 shot revolver comes in both single and double action California legal handguns.

Although when it comes to revolvers, you may find a lot of strong competitors but .460 will always remain the classic, most powerful and best at any given day.  It is a rifle in the skin of a handgun which makes it even more lethal as it is easy to carry, conceal and use as well. But having said that, it sure packs a punch which isn’t for the faint hearted. The recoil it generates equals the recoil of a 9mm load!

Smith & Wesson is a company renowned in making these handguns San Diego. You can find some amazing options from S&W like Performance Center XVR 3.5”, XVR 5”, XVR california legal and Hunter performance center 14”. These guns can be used to shoot at point blank range of 250 yards for animals like deers or targets of similar size.

It is a great gun to have in your arsenal when going out for shooting, training or hunting.  These guns are also great for self-defense as they are powerful and extremely damaging but can be easily concealed carry in your car, purse or drawer. WBT guns offer this high velocity revolver at the best price.