.500 Magnum

If you are ready to pay the price of a good, sturdy, capable, fun to use handgun that works like a rifle then a .500 magnum will not disappoint you one bit. Although originally designed to be a handgun hunting cartridge, it has become a serious contender of hunting rifles as well. This one is a 5 shot large caliber that operates in both single and double action California legal handguns.

It fires at a speed of 623m/s with an effective range of 165 feet or 50 meters and a maximum range of 330 feet or 100 meters. A .500 magnum is a power house, a giant that is 2 times more powerful than a .44 magnum and it generates ⅔ of the power of a 30.06 high powered rifle! 

This gun is not so great for self-defense as it is on the heavier side. I won’t suggest that for home defense as well because the deafening sound is not good when shooting indoors but this gun is for sure good for hunting purposes. The power it generates and the range it offers is just perfect for hunting out in the open.

WBT handguns San Diego offer a good range of these .500 magnum revolvers from 6.5” to 8.375” to 4” to Performance center 3.5” stainless steel. All these revolvers are available at the best bang for your buck. So if you are looking for the most powerful handgun, then your search comes to an end with .500 magnum!