.17 HMR

Finding a .17 HMR pistol is rare but that doesn’t mean it's not popular or effective enough. The dimensions of the .17 HMR are same as the .22 Magnum but the difference is in the trimmed down from the neck for greater accuracy, speed and effectiveness. These are a result of the velocity that is achieved by the long barrel length offered in various rifles but few California legal handguns thus the rarity.

Revolvers have always been a go-to style of people who know the value of a good solid weapon. The single shot style means that everytime you want to pull the trigger the hammer has to be manually pulled. This gives the gun added security, California compliance as well as protection from accidents and misfires.  

Not very many companies make these .17 HMR caliber handguns San Diego but some OG companies like Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Alexander Arms, Excel Arms,Chiappa Firearms and Taurus Track are making some good quality handguns suitable for this caliber.

If you’re a fan of high velocity and speed guns but also don’t want to tag along a rifle all along then these revolvers are great. You can use them for self-defense, conceal carrying, car-defense, home-defense as well as for smaller games. The sleek style of the guns fits easily in the glove compartment of your car, it can be sneaked in under your belt or it can easily hide in your drawers. It is lightweight, effective and the best part is its affordability.