Probably the most sought after, reliable and efficient handgun cartridge is the .357. This one is a strong contender of the immensely popular 9mm. Although there are various other handgun calibers, mostly these two are pitted against each other. The .357 caliber is very versatile and can be found in semi-auto handguns, single shot AR and AK style pistols and revolvers. In fact in all California legal handguns this caliber is found due to its popularity and good repute.

Initially used by the police forces, the .357 caliber is now very popular for civilian uses like self-defense, home-defense, silhouette competition, training and even hunting purposes. This caliber is very powerful, a giant in itself that generates enough power to get the job done and some more!

You can very easily judge the power of a handgun by the recoil it produces and this caliber does produce a notable recoil but the best part is that the result it provides eliminates the need to fire multiple rounds. But it's not just the superpower that makes this caliber so special, it's the accuracy it provides. You can shoot at targets as far out as 100 yards with accuracy and also on hunting ranges with a reasonable distance.

The .357 is a lethal caliber that offers deep penetration when hunting animals and it can also kill a human with a lot of damage. At WBT guns you may find the best range of handguns San Diego so checkout the full range.