The .45-70 is a cartridge that has been around for more than 2 centuries, which means it is a .45 inch caliber with 70 grain of black powder. It has been a favorite of hunters and law enforcing agencies for a long time but with the newer and more innovative cartridges, this one has been losing its charm over the years.

This caliber is a bit slow moving, has a steep trajectory and is best for short ranges. But having said that it has bone crushing power that can incapacitate a large animal like a deer, black bear, grizzly bear or even a buffalo, killing it for good. Hunters that like to shoot under heavy cover and love to hunt down big animals will love this caliber. But the .45-70 govt is also popular among black-powder silhouette shooters. 

The .45 caliber has earned such an excellent reputation when used by the army in wars that it became widely popular for sports use as well. Although this caliber is mostly suited for rifle manufacturers like Magnum offer this in California legal handguns like revolvers.

WBT guns offer 2 very competent models in this caliber which are priced very reasonably so that you can enjoy the powerful impact while staying within the budget. Handguns San Diego supporting this caliber produces a heavy recoil due to the immense pressure of this caliber but if you know how to control that you will love using this for various purposes and see how deeply penetrating it can be.