.45 Colt

A .45 Colt is the most powerful, reliable, useful and underrated caliber when it comes to calibers for California legal handguns. The .45 colt does its job without any hitch which is why it has been around for over 100 plus years. It offers its users deep penetration when used for hunting animals as big as a deer.

Same reliability is offered when it is used for self-defense or home-defense as it has the power to stop the threat in its tracks and give a wound that would be a nasty one indeed. Revolvers are easy to use handguns which allows its users to carry them with ease, conceal them if they have the permission to do so and can also keep it near them for home defense.

The fuss-free nature of revolvers and the powerful impact of the .45 colt is a deadly combination which is a winner for the defender and a shocker for the assaulter. The .45 colt usually comes in a capacity of 6 or less depending on the revolver set, reloading it in the gun set is a breeze and an absolute joy for the user as it's affordable.

Recoil of the .45 colt is a bit more profound as it's used in a handgun which is light in weight and the bullet is heavier in comparison. If you want to enjoy the best range of handguns San Diego that supports the .45 Colt then WBT guns is the best online store.