20 Gauge

San Diego legal shotguns are fully California compliant which means you can own them, use them and collect them without any fear. The 20 gauge California shotguns are the second most popular and sought-after gauge after the 12 gauge for sure. Just like the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge also serves multiple purposes like hunting, self-defense, home-defense, tactical training, target shooting and many more. 

But this gauge is most impactful for hunting small game like birds and squirrels, for target practice for rookie shooters and for self-defense in close to mid range. There is a common misconception that 20-gauge may be a bit slower than the 12 gauge but that is not true, in fact it can damage just as effectively. Unlike the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge is much easier to shoot with as the recoil is very much bearable. 20 gauge San Diego legal shotguns are very versatile in its offerings.