.410 Gauge

We all know alot about the 12 and 20 gauge San Diego shotguns but there is another gauge that is also great in many ways, yes the .410 gauge is what i am talking about! Although the 123 gauge California shotguns give you a higher adrenaline rush and ego boost the .410 is no less. Moreover, the .410 gauge doesn’t give you a bruised shoulder and big hole in your bank account.

This gauge has a much much bearable recoil or almost no recoil if you compare it to the 12 or 20 gauge shotguns. This gauge is also available in almost all kinds of actions like the break open or pump. The best part about this gauge is that it is readily available all the time so no long waiting lists, no hefty price tags and no shortage of ammo and other related accessories. Use this gauge for small games and short range shooting.