20 Gauge

San Diego legal shotguns are a powerful weapon known for their damage to incapacitate anyone. These guns are versatile, durable, impactful and look scary as hell. The 20 gauge California shotguns are no different. In fact the 20 gauge is only second in rank after the 12 gauge. Just like the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge also serves multiple purposes like hunting, self-defense, home-defense, tactical training, target shooting and many more.

But this gauge is most impactful for hunting small game like birds and squirrels, for target practice for rookie shooters and for self-defense in close to mid range. Finding good 20 gauge San Diego legal shotguns can be challenging but not with WBT guns. We offer a good range of 20-gauge shotguns as we know the versatility and durability of these guns is like no other. We offer models from top companies like Mossberg and Henry in the best price range!