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Firearms Safety

Wilde Built Tactical, LLC is committed to the safety of our customers and our fellow citizens. We have a god given and constitutionally secured right to keep and bear arms. Being a gun owner comes with a certain level of responsibility that must be followed at all times. Firearms are not toys and can cause severe injury or death, especially in the hands the untrained. Whether you are a life long shooter or brand new to firearms ownership, everyone should take the time to review the following guides regarding firearms safety. 

Another part of responsible gun ownership is following the law. This page is not here to debate the merit of those laws, only to help guide our customers in adhering to it.  California gun laws are vast, complex, confusion, contradicting and always changing. Please be mindful that WBT Staff can give advice, but it cannot be considered legal advice. We are not attorneys and do not practice law. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.  

Below are some excellent resources regarding firearms safety and California law. Please review these documents. If you every have questions, please don't hesitate to contact WBT Staff, we are always happy to help!

Firearms Safety:

NRA Gun Safety Rules

California DOJ Firearms Safety  Certificate Study Guide

ATF Youth Handgun Safety Act


California Firearms Laws: Flow Chart Guides:

California DOJ Firearms Homepage

California  Handguns Certified for Sale