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WBT Lay Away Program

Wilde Built Tactical (WBT) is happy to introduce our new layaway program for our customers. We understand buying your dream gun can put a strain on your budget in these days of fiscal restraint so, we developed a lay away program to help ease that burden and get you the firearm you want with NO INTEREST OR FEES!

Our lay away plan requires 25% down, with 4 additional payments, once every 2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks to pay off your gun. To avoid late fees, we set your lay away up on auto pay so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment! Please check out some of our terms and conditions below.



1. Proceed as normal through the check out process.

2. At the "Payment" section, please select "Lay Away" and hit complete order.  

3. After placing your order online and selecting the “Layaway” payment option, WBT staff will email you the Lay Away Agreement. It will require you to fill out some basic payment information and electronically sign the form agreeing to the terms and conditions below. Generally, this will happen the next business day from your order. Please complete this task within 3 days from receiving the document thru Dochub. Please check your spam folder. 

4. Once WBT receives your completed and signed application, your information will be updated and your layaway will start. You will receive email confirmation that we have successfully started your lay away. 

5. Your account will be updated with the schedule of payments. 

WBT LayAway Plan Terms and Conditions:

1.   WBT LayAway Plan is available for purchase of products with a product price greater than $500. For orders under $500, there will be a $25 service charged added to your down payment.

2.   Your layaway DOES NOT start until we receive a filled our, signed copy of the LayAway Purchase Agreement. No Exceptions.

3.   WBT LayAway Plan items can be changed only for 30 days from deposit date and will incur an immediate $25 service charge.

4.   No additions to layaway orders. Placement of another order and new lay away submission is required.

5.   WBT LayAway Plan is not available for sale items, Closeout or “one of a kind” items.

6.   Customer Cancelled layaway plans will be subject to a Cancellation Fee consisting of:

       a.   The 25% down payment (Non Refundable)

       b.   The 10% cancellation fee

7.     If a chargeback is initiated via your credit card company for any reason, you will be charged an additional $150 service fee. All forms and amounts of nonpayment are pursued to the fullest by WBT if only for ethical reasons.

8.   Completed WBT LayAway Plans are not eligible for refunds or returns.

9.     WBT reserves the right to deny or cancel a LayAway plan for a product that has limited availability or for any reason, at any time. Customers will receive a full refund if WBT cancels your lay away for a product availability issue. If there is any attempt to violate, circumnavigate or break the law, your lay away will be cancelled and the standard cancellation fee will apply. 

10. All lay away plans must be set up on auto pay via a valid credit card.

11. Declined scheduled payments will result in a $50 Service Charge per occurrence. WBT will make an attempt to notify you of a declined payment using the contact information provided. After 5 days of nonpayment via declined card and non- communication with WBT, your lay away will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund of any monies.

12. Products on WBT LayAway Plan will not ship until paid in full. No exceptions.

13. Items on the WBT LayAway Plan will not ship to your preferred FFL until plan is paid in full. No exceptions.

14. Firearms can be DROS’d at WBT on or after the 3rd Payment but not released until they are paid in full.

15. It is your responsibility to have the correct documents for the DROS. The standard Lay Away Cancellation fees will apply if order is abandoned because of paperwork failure.

16. The person who starts the lay away program must be the one to DROS the firearm. No exceptions.

17. All items designated under the WBT LayAway Plan program will be acquired and (if necessary) be made CA compliant after

75% of the invoice total has been collected.

18. If you are not eligible to own a firearm for any reason and your DROS is returned with a denial, you will not receive a refund.

19. Delayed DROS responses will require a re DROS after your discrepancy causing the delay/undetermined status is resolved.

WBT will hold your product for 6 months while you handle this process. You may re DROS 2 times, at your expense to include the DROS Fee and a $50 service charge. After the 2nd delay/undetermined status, your lay away will be cancelled and you will be subject to any/all the Cancellation fees outlined above in Term #5.

20. All items that are delivered through the lay away program are non-returnable/non-refundable.

21. Some WBT LayAway Plan items may take an extended time to deliver if not in stock, may be immediately attainable or CA Compliant. No refund will be given until 6 months has elapsed.

22. If WBT cannot deliver your product within 6 months, you can be given a 100% refund

23. All refunds will be issued in the same manner as they are received. This may take 2 or more weeks.

24. All sales are final and are subject to our terms and conditions. No substitutions, returns or exchanges allowed.

25. By placing a layaway order, you agree that you understand and accept the above layaway terms and conditions.