You might believe that the golden era of revolvers has gone past and the glory of semi-automatic California legal handguns such as pistols has taken over. Well this might be true for the ones new to the world of firearms but the old school OG people know the value of a revolver and will always want to have an off-duty, backup revolver in their arsenal.

9mm is the most popular, well-known and used ammo around the world at the moment. It has great penetration, very nominal recoil and is suitable for almost every situation from self-defense to hunting to tactical uses to training. When the revolvers meet the 9mm ammo, it is bound to great magic. Although the sparkle of this magic has been widely overshadowed, people still love and know the value of a 9mm revolver. 

The 9mm round is like a Jack of all trades but the twist is that it is in fact master of all trades as well. You can use it as a backup hunting gun and with its easy shooting abilities and accuracy it will give you a solid kill every time.

When it comes to training and shooting practice once again its accuracy supremacy takes the limelight and for self-defense it is easy to shoot and with deep penetration has the ability to stop anyone in their tracks. WBT handguns San Diego sells some great looking options in the 9mm revolver for people with refined taste in firearms. Starting from a price point of $349.99 to a whopping $1749.99.