10mm is a round that makes it big with the power it generates at the International Practical Shooting Federation even when the loading is on the lighter side. The 10mm revolver can be a great addition to your arsenal and a companion you can always rely on whenever you go out in the open field, at the shooting range or on a car. With its great velocity and the stopping power , you can incapacitate any advancer in its tracks.

In most of the California legal handguns, 10 mm revolver is the only gun that can be used as a backup gun on hunting endeavors as well as the main hunting gun. It certainly has the ability and power to take down any game.

The 10mm has a greater velocity than the .45 ACP and is one of the very few semiautomatic and rimless cartridges that can be used to hunt the coveted white-tailed deer! 10mm is not only great for hunting, it is equally great at tactical use and defensive purposes. Although it may not seem right for indoor defense or on-property defense, if you have enough practice and ability you can make it work for any situation.

WBT handguns San Diego offers a superb range of these revolvers by renowned companies like Ruger and Smith and Wesson. These are a little on the pricier side but once you know what these little pieces are worth, you will not get any dime paid for it.