.22 LR

.22 LR revolvers are tiny but very effective and awesome! Many people love to carry a .22 LR revolver rather than the prestigious and super famous 9mm/.380. The reason is very simple but understandable, the .22 LR are easy to carry, conceal, use and it is great for various defenses.

On top of that, buying this revolver doesn’t punch a big hole in your bank account and the ammo used for this revolver is ubiquitous and so affordable. The 9mm/.380 caliber firearms are not very easy to operate or shoot well as compared to the .22 LR even though they are much more profilerated than the .22 LR. 

The .22 LR California legal handguns are ergonomic, full-functional, easy to manipulate and manuevor as well as have a very less recoil. This gun is great for first time gun owners, ladies as well as for older people suffering from arthritis.

WBT guns offer .22 LR in a lot of options from all famous and reputable companies in the best, most affordable price points. A few of the most loved are Heritage Rouge, Ruger Wrangler, NAA mini, Smith & Wesson 43, Chiappa Mini, EAA bounty hunter, among others.

This gun is also a great option for a substitute or supplementary gun, you cna easily carry it anywhere and use it as per your convenience. You can find it it a very affordable range in the best models only at WBT guns, so go get yours today and explore the handguns San Diego!