.22 Mag

The .22 Magnum revolvers have been relentlessly serving gun lovers for over 6 decades now. With such a long time under their belt, they still very much have the same practical utility and endurance. We do have modern variants of this revolver but that only makes things better.

These revolvers are now made with better materials, manufacturing techniques and improvements that still keep them relevant. In fact many renowned companies like NAA Mini, STD MFG S333, Heritage Rough Rider, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Charter Arms Pathfinder.

At WBT guns we offer California legal handguns in both single action as well as double action revolvers in the .22 calibre. The former action style gives excellent control in the field while the latter style is great for self-defence and conceal carry. 

The .22 revolver has a rimfire cartridge rather than the centrefire which fascinates shooters that love high velocities. This revolver is ideal for small hunting parties and pest control as it does significant damage to the prey and decimates it completely. The long barrel of the revolver creates high velocity and longer sight radius which ensures the target is obtained.

The single shot action makes the gun more snappy and accurate while the adjustable sights can be easily dialled up or down for better focus and precision. You can get these revolvers at the best price point starting from $219.99 and going up to $1059.99 depending on the brand. Handguns San Diego means that they are fully compliant with the California laws so no need to worry about breaking any law.