.38 Special

If you’re looking for a firearm that is small, light-weight, easy-to-conceal, has a very bearable recoil and budget then the cylinder style of guns is what you need to tilt to. With everyone turning mindlessly to semi-automatic firearms, you need to stop and think about what exactly do you want a firearm for. The .38 Special revolver offers operational simplicity, reliability as well as enough power to stop a proceeding threat.

These revolvers are ideal for hunting, home defense, self-defense and other purposes as well. WBT guns offer California legal handguns from top manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Ruger, Armscor, Colt King, Rock Island Armory, Chiappa and Kimber among many others. The .38 special is a rimfire cartridge which is loved by many shooters and OG guns owners. 

The reason why so many big manufacturers are still making these revolvers is because of their cult following and strong reputation set by the US military forces. Nowadays the most popular caliber is 9mm/.380 but the .38 special still gives it a run for its money.

This caliber is ideal for handguns San Diego, the diameter of the bullets is almost the same as the 9mm one, the impact of the hole or damage is the same and it has a very powerful word of mouth. You can find the best price starting from $289.99 and going up till $559.99. This handgun is also ideal for ladies as it cna fit seamlessly in purses and back pockets as well.