.44 Mag

You can never go wrong with a .44 mag revolver, it is reliable, handy, packs a solid punch and is great for self-defence, home defence, hunting expeditions and other needs. At WBT guns you can get a wide range of .44 revolvers from well-renowned companies like Colt Anaconda, Ruger Redhawk, Smith & Wesson and Taurus.

A .44 mag revolver is a handgun which holds a special place in every gun lover's collection, it is a type of gun that one might not need but would surely want. Although there are many solid handguns, nothing even comes close to the sheer power  and stopping force of the .44 calibre. California legal handguns such as revolvers can be your companion, protector and saviour everyday!

.44 revolvers are available in both single and double action, each one having its own perks. The single action gives more accuracy while the double action gives more speed. Both these actions have their own sets of safety which means that in case of the single action everytime you want to fire, you’ll need to pull the hammer first and for the double action the trigger is long and heavy which requires a bit of a force.

Although the .44 calibre does have a bit of a recoil which you can get used to pretty easily with practice and regular use at the range. The revolver is also ergonomic with good grips that makes the heavy load easy to bear. Handguns San Diego like .44 revolvers are classic which will never go out of style.