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About WBT

Welcome to Wilde Built Tactical, LLC. WBT is a firearms/outdoors/sporting goods store with its headquarters in La Mesa, CA( Just east of San Diego). We are a licensed FFL(type 07). Founded in 2011 and operational in 2012, we have served the San Diego area as a go to source for firearms and tactical equipment for the last 7 years. As we have grown, our mission has become more focused on being the go-to source for California legal firearms of all types. We specialize in providing semi auto rifles that are CA compliant along with being a well priced source for all other firearms available to CA. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, honesty and affordability. 


WBT is a family run business.  A little about our team:



Jack Pearson

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Jack Pearson co founded WBT in 2011. He has served in law enforcement for the last 24 years and continues to do so. He leads WBT as our President using his background in business and law enforcement to keep WBT current on trends, new laws and tactical gear. As a San Diego native, Jack has been serving our community and state almost his entire adult life. He has been in the firearms industry since his teenage years when his father managed an indoor shooting range downtown. 


Vice President/Director of Operations

Bryan Howes

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Bryan joined Wilde Built Tactical in 2013 serving as the vice president and director of operations since then. He brings a strong background in business and weapons systems. He began shooting with his parents at a young age and developed an enthusiasm for firearms before age 10 after his grandfather bought him a Red Rider BB gun. No, he didnt shoot his eye out with it.   His prior career as a civilian Unexploded Ordnance Technician has provided a wealth of weapons knowledge as well as a strong background in business management. His time with the Coalition Munitions Clearance as a UXO Tech(civilian, Not active duty) during Operation Iraqi Freedom gave combat experience that he draws on to keep current with the tactical applications and trends of the industry. 


Store Manager

Shay Kellough

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Shay joined the WBT team in early 2016. She started off as our admin assistant and quickly moved to general store manager. She brings 10 years of retail management and marketing experience. She has been instrumental in the organization and continued success of WBT.  She started shooting with her family when she was 6 yrs old in her native Florida and has always been a firearms enthusiast and a huge advocate of the 2nd amendment. She is very passionate about educating other moms, and women new  or unfamiliar to firearms. 


Jeff Chambers

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After 22+ years as a police officer, Jeff medically retired in 2015. He began shooting right after enlisting in the USMC, and continued throughout his law enforcement career. He was a SWAT Operator for 18 years and a SWAT Sniper for 17 of them. In addition to Patrol and Investigations duties, he was also a department Firearms Instructor and Armorer. 

After retirement he enrolled in the American Gunsmithing Institute Master Gunsmithing Program. He began working as the shop gunsmith at Wilde Built Tactical in La Mesa, CA in September 2015. He is 'fluent' in Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Pistols - Old guns and New.