CA Legal Magazines

We all know how important magazines are when talking about rifles for sale in California. The main difference between the AR lower California and other rifles is whether or not the magazine is detachable. If it's detachable it shouldn’t have more than 10 rounds and if it's fixed then no other aftermarket accessories are allowed.

We at WBT guns provide an extensive range of detachable magazines that allows the owner of handguns or rifles or shotguns to get their hands on some really good magazine options which are of course California compliant! For every handgun be it a Glock, a Beretta or a Ruger we have you covered.

Same goes for rifle and shotguns companies like AK, AR, Sig Sauer or S&W. The magazine options have a starting point of mere $14.99 and it goes up till $89.99. We do sell in bulk and also have steal offers for all the gun fanatics!