Single Shot AK Style Pistol

Single shot handguns are the OG style when talking about firearms. Many people may find them obsolete but trust me, it's more like an old is gold situation here. A very fuss free version of firearms, these California legal handguns have no magazine, no receivers and no need of any extra accessories. The single shot AK style pistol is a great backup weapon in cases like hunting or practising target shooting.

A single shot pistol is a labour of work as you one has to manually insert a single cartridge every time the trigger is pulled directly in the chamber. Probably the safest pistol as there is no way to keep the ammo inside the gun, there are no chances of accidental firing. The break action single shot pistol available at San Diego gun stores and online stores like WBT guns are found in all kinds of sizes, shapes and brands. 

These pistols are very easy to carry due to their lightweight and slim style. In fact you can even find them in the shape of a credit card or cell phone. As there is no practical utility of a magazine or receiver the style is pretty compact and smart.

Many brands make this style of pistol as its popular among many professional hunters as a great and reliable backup weapon in the times when you need a quick fix. So have a look at the great variety of WBT guns and choose the best single shot AK style p;istol for your needs.