Single Shot AR Style Pistol

Single shot handguns may seema thing of the past but you have no idea how amazing this firearm actually is. The AR style single shot pistols are lightweight, reliable, accurate and affordable. It is usually kept as a backup weapon at hunting expeditions but you can use it as a self-defence weapon as well as a target shooting back up weapon.

This style of pistol has no magazine or receiver which means it is a very slim, sleek and smart design. The ammo is loaded directly into the chamber with having to load it manually every time a shot is fired. The best part is that there is a little to no chance of accidental firing, as this break action pistol accepts one round at a time. The single shot guns have a very smooth trigger pull, are ergonomic and give accurate shots. 

WBT guns is the biggest online dealer and retailer of California legal handguns, which means you can find a range of California acquiscent guns at our store in the kost price points possible. These are designed in such a way that they have an internal maglock which doesn’t support any magazine whatsoever, it also has no gas port in the barrel and is a zero round handgun.

True to what you want. San Diego guns stores can provide you a range of single shot AR style pistols in various brands like Trailblazer firearms, Thompson centre,
Springfield Armoury and many others.