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Shipping & Returns

ALL  Firearms are taking about 3-6 weeks to ship out. This is due to the state requirement to modify certain features of the firearm to make them compliant with California laws. We are sorry for any trouble this may cause. You will get your gun!

BE ADVISED! If your order requires the removal of any parts to make the gun CA Legal, YOU WILL MIGHT NOT RECEIVE THOSE PARTS! Sorry for the trouble, but sometimes they are removed from the package before the guns get to CA. 

If you place an order thru and the item has shipped to your local dealer we cannot offer you a refund. Once the firearm is ready at your local dealer, please inspect your gun and ensure its what you ordered with no defects.  If there are any issues, please DO NOT START THE DROS PROCESS. We will arrange for a replacement to be sent. Contact WBTGuns Immediately! If you accept the transfer and DROS the firearm, its considered a used gun and we cannot accept a return. You will be required to contact the manufacturer for any issues.

If you have placed an order and the item HAS NOT shipped you will be charged a 25% restocking fee that may take several weeks to process. Please be sure of your purchase. 

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase a rifle, handgun, pistol grip shotgun or receiver. Certain exemptions allow for people under 21 to purchase long guns. These include active duty military or possession of a hunting license.   Federal Firearms Law prevent the shipment of firearms directly to your home.  All firearms purchased from will be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer of your choice. 

If you are unable to transfer or own the firearm(s) purchased from for any reason, will assess a 50% restocking fee.This policy includes being prohibited from owning firearms as indicated by the DROS system. This also includes a denial and/or refusal by the local FFL  after making a determination based on your responses on the ATF Form 4473 or other observed statements and/or behaviors. The local FFL has complete discretion in this matter.   Please be sure of your eligibility to own firearms in California. For more info please visit the DOJ Bureau of Firearms website for more information. 

The procedure:

1. Make your purchase online, Use our HOW TO BUY A GUN page for more information.  Ensure you are following all state and local laws. For a listing of these laws, please visit the Gun Laws section of the National Rifle Association’s web site. If your firearm is illegal for you to possess for any reason and cannot be transferred you will be charged a 50% re stocking fee, plus any shipping charges. 

2. Find an FFL dealer in your area that will accept the transfer of your firearm. Most dealers, which include sporting goods stores, pawn shops, gunsmiths and gun stores, are willing to do this for a nominal fee. To find an FFL dealer in your area, please visit the FFL Registry.

3. Please email your preferred gunstore you intend to use for the transfer. Include your name and order number, and we will handle the rest.  

4. Once we have received the FFL information required, and your order is ready, we will ship it via FedEx. 

5. Once your dealer receives your firearm, they will contact you for you to complete all the necessary paperwork and pick up your firearm.


By purchasing a firearm from Wilde Built Tactical, LLC the customer acknowledges they are aware and complying with all laws and is also aware of additional fees that may be required by their local Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer.