AR MagLock: Compliance Despite the CA Assault Weapon Ban

AR MagLock: Compliance Despite the CA Assault Weapon Ban

Posted by Wilde Built Tactical on Sep 28th 2023

California leads the way in US gun control laws, despite the ever-changing landscape of firearms regulations. One of the most controversial measures taken by California has been an assault weapon ban which affects the legality of owning and operating AR15-style rifles within the state.

Fixed-magazine products have emerged as a workaround for those keen on retaining their AR15 while adhering to the law. Today, we look at California's ban on assault weapons and how the AR MagLock allows us to own California legal AR15s.

Understanding the Assault Weapon Ban:

Enforced by the Roberti-Roos Act of 1989 and later laws, the assault weapon ban in California specifically targets firearms classified as 'assault weapons.' The term 'assault weapon' is defined in California Penal Code Section 30515. Under the law, the extremely popular AR15-style rifles have come under stringent control.

AR15s are classified as assault weapons because they can use detachable magazines and also have one or more "evil" features. These features include pistol grips, flash hiders, vertical foregrips, and telescoping stocks to name a few. The ability to quickly change magazines significantly increases the potential firing rate of these rifles, which has led to regulatory action.

AR MagLock: A Compliant Solution for AR15 Owners

Enter AR MagLock, a solution in the form of magazine-locking devices. The MagLock converts an AR15 from having a detachable magazine to a fixed magazine which effectively sidesteps the defining characteristic of an 'assault weapon' under California law.

An AR15 rifle with a MagLock installed requires the rifle's action to be disassembled to remove the magazine. On an AR15-style rifle this is as simple as pulling out the rear takedown pin to separate the upper receiver and lower receiver. As long as the rifle lacks other banned features (barrel length less than 16 inches, suppressors, etc.) it can be legally owned and operated in California. These devices, therefore, allow individuals to continue possessing and using their AR15 rifles without running afoul of the law.

Implementing Maglocks: Safety and Compliance

Implementing a MagLock system is a straightforward process that offers AR15 owners a safe and compliant workaround to the California assault weapon ban.

Nevertheless, AR15 owners must remember that using a MagLock is just one aspect of compliance. Firearm owners must also avoid barrel lengths of less than 16 inches, overall firearm lengths of less than 30 inches, as well as NFA items such as suppressors.

Final Thoughts

California's gun control laws are complex. However, the AR MagLock provides a solution for law-abiding AR15 owners. It enables them to comply with California regulations while still exercising their right to own firearms.

However, as the landscape of firearms legislation continues to evolve, gun owners must remain aware of changes to stay within the confines of the law. Always consult a legal professional or trusted authority in gun law when you have doubts about compliance.

While the assault weapon ban in California can seem restrictive, the AR MagLock for AR15s serves as a creative, compliant workaround. As we navigate these shifting laws, it's clear that the balance between gun control and firearm ownership continues to evolve, underscoring the importance of staying informed and adaptable.