Glock 19 vs. XD9: Battle of the Handguns

Posted by Wilde Built Tactical on Aug 4th 2023

As gun enthusiasts, we are always in the pursuit of the perfect handgun. We want something reliable, accurate, easy to handle, and sometimes a bit stylish. Today at Wilde Built Tactical we're going to discuss two popular models – the Glock 19 Gen 3 and the Springfield XD9. While both are excellent firearms, we at WBT (except Alan) tend to prefer the Glock 19. Stay tuned and we will explain why!

Design and Ergonomics:

The Glock 19 Gen 3 sports a sleek and straightforward design that is distinctively Glock. It feels robust, dependable, and its medium size fits well in both large and small hands. The grip texture on the Glock 19 is less aggressive than the Springfield XD9, making it more comfortable to handle during extended shooting sessions. In contrast, the XD showcases a more tactical aesthetic with its rugged and bold appearance. A plus for the XD is the ambidextrous magazine release which lefties will appreciate. However, its ergonomics may not be for everyone due to its aggressively textured grip. The Glock 19 stands out with its natural pointability, while fans of the 1911 will appreciate a similar grip angle on the XD. A comfortable grip angle is important because it allows for instinctive aiming, giving the shooter an advantage in situations requiring quick target acquisition.

Reliability and Durability:

Both Glock and XD pistols are famous for their reliability. Still, over the years Glock has consistently received praise for their longevity and unwavering performance. The Glock 19 especially has proven its toughness in various extreme conditions, from scorching deserts to freezing tundra. The XD9, while reliable, doesn't have quite the same track record as Glock. When it comes to durability, you can find countless videos online of Glock "torture tests" which make it hard to argue against their guns' robustness.

Accuracy and Recoil:

In terms of accuracy, both pistols perform exceptionally well and trying to get one to outperform the other tends to come down to splitting hairs, so we’ll call it a tie. Regarding recoil, both handguns manage it well. Ten points to the XD for a heavier slide which helps contain the snappy nature of 9mm recoil.

Maintenance and Aftermarket Support:

When it comes to field stripping and general maintenance, both handguns excel due to their simple design. Both are easy to disassemble and clean after a day at the range. However, for full disassembly it is difficult to beat Glock. Less intricate parts and mechanisms make the Glock a breeze to disassemble down to individual parts. The XD, while not hard to field strip, does require a few more steps in its full disassembly process and has some features (grip safety) that make for a more complicated job.

As for aftermarket support, Glock is unparalleled. The vast number of aftermarket parts and upgrades available for the Glock 19 is perhaps its most attractive feature to the average consumer. It is much easier to find Glock-compatible sights, triggers, slides, etc. than it is for the XD.

Cost and Value:

While the XD may come at a slightly lower price point than the Glock 19, it's important to consider the overall value. Given Glock's proven durability, ease of maintenance, extensive aftermarket support, and slight advantages in ergonomics, the Glock 19 offers excellent value for money.


To wrap up, both the Glock 19 Gen 3 and the Springfield XD9 are fantastic handguns. They're reliable, accurate, and have their unique styles. However, when it comes down to the finer points, the Glock 19 takes the lead. Its ergonomic design, proven reliability, ease of maintenance, and widespread aftermarket support make it a near-unbeatable option for any shooter, from beginners to seasoned professionals. However, it is important to remember that the best gun out there is the one that works best for you. Visit our store today to check out both models, and you might just find the perfect handgun for you. All that’s left after that is to get out and train.

If you would like to know more about these firearms check out the manufacturer’s website!

Glock 19

Springfield XD9