Firearms Transfers

Wilde Built Tactical San Diego Gun Store Transfers

Wilde Built Tactical (WBT) will accept firearm transfers from other firearms retailers or private individuals for transfer to you at our San Diego store. As a gun store ideally located in La Mesa, near the center of San Diego county, we can facilitate the transfer of a firearm you purchased from another online seller.  IF YOUR GUN IS NOT  CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT AND NEEDS TO BE CONVERTED TO "CALIFORNIA LEGAL" PLEASE REVIEW OUR MIDDLE MAN TRANSFERS PAGE & CONTACT US: TRANSFERS@WBTGUNS.COM

By sending a firearm to Wilde Built Tactical, LLC you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions which WBT reserves the right to change at any time for any reason. Further, WBT reserves the right to reject or deny your transfer for any reason. 

PLEASE NOTE: In many instances, it may be cheaper to buy the firearm thru WBT directly. Please contact us and see if we can price match.


All Transfers must be sent via common carrier such as Fedex or UPS and be sent with adult signature required. Pistols must come via express, rifles can be sent via ground service. DO NOT SEND FIREARMS VIA USPS!

FFL Holders/Retailer: If you are a retailer and need a copy of our FFL, please email WBT requires a copy of your Federal Firearms License(FFL), the CFLC Firearms Shipment Approval and the invoice with the gun. If you are new to the CFLC program, please CLICK HERE for more info. The gun MUST BE CA LEGAL before it arrives to our store! DO NOT SEND FIREARMS VIA USPS!

Private Seller: You must include a legible copy, front and back of your current state issued Identification. You must also include your phone number and email address should we need to contact you. In addition to the seller's identification, there must be some type of bill of sale/invoice with the buyers info. Private parties sending a firearm DO NOT NEED A CFLC approval letterDO NOT SEND FIREARMS VIA USPS!




If you need to get our FFL info sent to your vendor/seller, please email the following:

    Your Name, Vendor/Seller Name, Order #, Vendor Contact email and the type of gun you bought.

Once your gun arrives to our store, it may take 2-5 business days to get it into our log, and ready for the DROS process. Please do not call or show up until you have been contacted by a member of our staff to schedule an appointment. We must have all the required documents before we can start the DROS. There are no exceptions. If you show up without an appointment, you will be asked to return at a later date. 

Transfer Fees:

Transfer Fee: $100

DROS Fee: $37.19

Taxes: 8.5%- We are required by law to collect the sales tax on the purchase price of the gun if not paid already. 

Please read and follow our Terms and Conditions:

1. Your gun must be 100% California Legal before it arrives to WBT. It must also have a 10 round magazine and a CA approved lock. If your gun doesn’t arrive with a compliant lock & a 10rd or less magazine you will be required to purchase them thru WBT prior to pick up. If you have any questions as to a firearms legality, please CONTACT US!

2. For Pistols, it must be listed exactly on the CA Roster of Approved handguns and NOT be classified as an assault pistol which can be found here(This is to be used as a guide only, it is not legal advice): CA DOJ ROSTER & CA PISTOL FLOW CHART

3. For rifles, use this flow chart as a guide(This is to be used as a guide only, it is not legal advice):  CA RIFLE FLOW CHART

4. For Shotguns, use this flow chart(This is to be used as a guide only, it is not legal advice):  CA SHOTGUN FLOW CHART

5. If you send us an off-roster handgun that cannot be transferred to you, the transfer fee of $100 will still be charged plus return shipping costs. You must arrange the return authorization. Your gun will not ship back to the seller until our transfer fee is paid in cash. We will not accept Credit/Debit for this service fee.

6. If WBT receives an illegal rifle, shotgun or assault pistol on your behalf, it will be sent immediately out of state at your expense. You will be contacted for options regarding compliance and payment. The minimum charge for this will be $200.

7. You agree to pick up your firearm within 90 days of its arrival. If any firearms are left at WBT past 90 days with no communication, the firearm is forfeited to WBT and will be sold to cover any storage fees accrued. 

8. If you are not eligible to own a firearm for any reason, There will be an additional $100 fee to return the firearm to the seller. If you are not eligible to receive the firearm for any reason, it must be returned to the seller. It cannot be transferred to someone else. 

9. WBT does not release firearms with an "Undermined" status from the DES/DROS system. 

10. Please wait for a call or email from WBT regarding your transfer.  We will contact you and arrange an appointment for your DROS.  DO NOT COME TO THE STORE WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT

11. DROS requirements can be found here: WBT DROS REQUIREMENTS

12. Your name must be on the invoice that accompanied the firearm. No exceptions.