California Middle Man Transfers

Due to high volume, we are currently 2-5 weeks behind!

“Middle Man” California Compliance 


Wilde Built Tactical (WBT) will accept firearms from out of state firearms retailers, Gunbroker or private individuals and reconfigure them to be California Legal.

PLEASE NOTE: In many instances, it may be cheaper to buy the firearm thru WBT directly. Please contact us and see if we can price match.



1. Review our terms and conditions below and confirm the gun you want to purchase can be made CA legal. Please use the contact form below with questions. 


2. Purchase your firearm, and forward your invoice, and the contact email from the seller to Please include the name of the FFL that will be receiving your gun in California. If you are buying a firearm that can be made CA legal in different ways, please indicate your preferred method. Please use the same email address as shown on your order. 

** GUNBROKER USERS** - Find our AZ Warehouse on Gunbroker using 85365 as the zip code and select "WBT AZ" as the FFL for shipment. 

3. Please create an account on our website. Failure to create an account with updated billing/contact info will cause a delay. Please use the "Sign Up" button in the upper right hand corner of this website. 

4. CURRENT LEAD TIME: 1-2 Weeks from delivery. Once your firearm is received, an invoice will be sent to your email. We will not begin work on your firearm until we receive payment.  


Please read and follow our Terms and Conditions:

By sending a firearm to Wilde Built Tactical, LLC you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions which WBT reserves the right to change at any time for any reason. Further, WBT reserves the right to reject or deny your transfer for any reason. Please don’t give us one!

1. Your firearm must NOT be banned by name. We are unable to make a banned by name rifle legal for any reason. Please reference this document starting on page 13 for more information:

2. WBT CANNOT make off roster Semi Auto pistols roster exempt. We can make certain revolvers Single Action Exempt. If you are not law enforcement, we cannot make a pistol legal for sale in California. If you are law enforcement and wish to purchase a pistol that needs compliance, please contact us.

3. If you send us an off-roster handgun or a banned by name firearm, or any firearm that cannot be made CA legal, there will be a $100 return fee plus shipping costs. You must arrange the return authorization. Your gun will not ship back to the seller until our transfer fee is paid.

4. We use AR Maglocks as our standard maglock for AR15/AR10 style rifles. Your magazine will be replaced with a OEM 10rd Magazine. Grip Fins/Featureless options are used in all other circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

4. Your firearm will not ship until you pay for services via our website. You will receive an invoice via email once we receive your firearm. Please check your spam folder. The invoice will come from Any firearm left at WBT past 30 days with no contact will incur storage fees of $60/month. Any firearm left at WBT past 180 days will be forfeited and considered abandoned property.

5. Please do not contact WBT for a status update on your firearm until 2 weeks have passed since its delivery. DO NOT CONTACT US TO CONFIRM DELIVERY.  Our warehouse team works diligently, and we get to orders on a first come first served basis. At times, more than 100 firearms are delivered in a single day, making a status update near impossible.