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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How can I buy a gun from WBT?

Answer: Refer to the “How to buy a gun guide” here:


Question: I want to buy a gun from you, but I prefer to do it in person or on the phone. Can I come visit or call your San Diego location to complete the transaction?

Answer: Yes, we enjoy face to face and over the phone transactions! Please come see us or call us. We are by appointment only but can accommodate you on most days and times. 


Question: Why do you require appointments to start the DROS and/or pick up my firearm?

Answer: Due to our high order volume, we are working to lower the wait time of customers. Since switching to appointments, we are radically cut down on the time you stand around waiting in our store!


Question: Why don’t you do out of state gun or ammo transfers?

Answer: Long and short, due to the burden from our California government, its no longer feasible for us to accommodate at a reasonable price. We would like to focus our attention on our customers and give them our best. Please contact us about price matching. We will do our best to get close!


Question: Do you have everything on your website in stock at your San Diego store? If a product has “add to cart” does that mean you have it at your San Diego location?

Answer: NO! While a product that shows in stock is 100% available for purchase, it may not be at our San Diego location for viewing. Sorry! We understand many people like to purchase after getting their hands on a product, but due to the sheer number of firearms we offer for sale its an impossible task. Call us before you drive a few hours!


Question: Can WBT get me off roster pistols?

Answer: No, there is nothing WBT can do to circumnavigate the DOJ roster regarding Semi-Automatics pistols such as Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glocks. We can get certain off roster revolvers by making them single action.


Question: Can WBT get me a shockwave or similar shotgun?

Answer: No, CA law prohibits any shotgun with a barrel under 18inches. This includes the Taurus Judge and other handguns that are designed to fire a shotgun shell.


Question: Why are you by appointment only on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday?

Answer: Our order volume has reached a point that requires us to spend that time on fullfilling orders to other FFLs. We are sorry for any trouble, but we are trying to provide the best customer service possible to ALL of our California customers, not just those close to San Diego. We still respond to phone calls and emails during that time!


Question: Why can’t you price match Budsgunshop or other online retailers?

Answer: WBT does everything it can to keep prices as low as possible but please remember, we are in San Diego, CA. We have to pay California wages, overhead, utilities and other expenses that our oppressive CA government places on small businesses. We are also required to have your rifle/shotgun modified out of state to meet CA laws. We either block or provide a 10rd magazine. All of these factors contribute to a higher price than a company selling a non-CA legal rifle in a “free state.” We appreciate the patronage from CA customers. We are in this fight together, and your support goes a long way! With all that said, please contact us about price matching. We will do everything we can to work with you after considering shipping, a transfer fee, compliance and magazine needs. It never hurts to ask!

Question: How do you make my gun California Legal?

Answer: For the most part, AR style rifles will come with magazine lock. Almost all other firearms will come “featureless” using some sort of “grip fin,” no flash hider, no collapsing or telescoping stock, and no forward grip. Contact us for more details. We are always happy to discuss!


Question: Once I take delivery of my firearm, can I then remove the modifications done?

Answer: NO! We deliver firearms in a CA legal configuration. Removing or modification of compliance parts will result in your rifle being illegal. Same goes for blocked magazines. They must not hold more than 10rds.


Question: I don’t see the product I want on your website. Can you get it for me?

Answer: Yes, please CONTACT US and we will make every effort to get.


Question: What are the DROS(Background Check) requirements?


DROS(Dealer Record Of Sale) is the background check process in California. It requires you and your firearm to be physically present at a licensed gun store to complete. Please read below for the requirements.

Currently the age requirements for buying a long gun in CA are 18yrs old(this will change on Jan 1, 2019)

Documents Needed for DROS:


  • You must have a valid CA issued ID or Driver’s license. 


**Expired or “Federal Limits Apply”  IDs or DLs ARE NOT ACCEPTED! **

Please click this link for more information about the CA REAL ID:

* If address is INCORRECT on the CA ID or DL, you MUST provide one of the following with the correct address before we can submit the DROS:

  • DMV Vehicle Registration (Must be Current)
  • Guard Card/Firearms Card/CCW

Additional Document for PISTOLS:

In addition to the above requirements, customers wishing to purchase a pistol must also provide a 2nd proof of residence in addition to their CA Issued Driver’s License or ID Card. Only the following are acceptable:

  • Utility Bill for a “Hard Wired” service. Example: Electric/Gas/Water/Internet (Must be current within 2months)
  • DMV Vehicle Registration (Must be Current)
  • Signed Lease Agreement

For Active Duty Military, you will need your ID card and a copy of your orders. You must be stationed in CA. NO TDY/TAD!

In addition to the above, you will need a Firearms Safety Card. If you do not have an FSC, WBT can issue you one. Please Read the following study guide and be prepared to take a 30-question test. The cost for an FSC is $25. The card is good for 5 years.  

Click here for the FSC Study Guide

 Acceptable  FSC exemptions:

  • Active or retired military with valid ID
  • Active or retired Police Officer
  • Hunting License (For LONG GUNS ONLY!!)
  • Exposed Weapon Permit issued by BSIS

 CONTACT US with any questions