Frequently Asked Questions


FFL: Federal Firearms License; Another name for a gun store. All gun stores must have a valid FFL. 

DROS: Dealer Record Of Sale; The California background check and firearms registration that also regulates the 10 day wait and other administrative functions related to the background check.

Dealer Transfer: Firearm shipped from another dealer or person to WBT 

Private Party Transfer (PPT): 2 California Residents transferring a firearm in person.



Question: When can I come in for my DROS?

Answer: Please wait until our staff has sent you an email with instructions on how to schedule your appointment. We are extremely busy and must insist you schedule an appointment for your DROS.

Question: My order status is "Awaiting Pickup" but I don't see the email to schedule my DROS appointment?

Answer: Please check your spam folder if you don't see it in your regular inbox. If your order status has changed to "Awaiting Pick Up" you will receive the email shortly. 



Question: Do you accept Transfers?

Answer: Yes. Please review the "TRANSFER PAGE" for more information.  


Military/Law Enforcement/First Responder Discounts

Question: Do you offer any discounts for Military/Law Enforcement/First Responders?

Answer: Yes, please review this page for more details: 


California Compliance 

 Question: How do you make rifles California Legal?

Answer: Most AR style rifles will come with the AR Maglock Gen2 magazine lock. Please note, we DO NOT install the rear take down pin upgrade unless requested and purchased. Almost all other firearms will come “featureless” using some sort of “grip fin,” no flash hider, no collapsing or telescoping stock, and no forward grip. Contact us for more details per gun if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to discuss!


Question: Can WBT get me off roster pistols?

Answer: No, there is nothing WBT can do to circumnavigate the DOJ roster regarding Semi-Automatics pistols such as Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glocks. We can get certain off roster revolvers by making them single action.


Question: Can I buy a magazine that holds more than 10rds?

Answer: No, we cannot transfer a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. We will ship your gun with a 10 round magazine that may have been modified and may not be the OEM magazine. 


Question: Can WBT get me a 14in shockwave or similar shotgun?

Answer: No, CA law prohibits any shotgun with a barrel under 18inches. This includes the Taurus Judge and other handguns that are designed to fire a shotgun shell.


Question: Once I take delivery of my firearm, can I then remove the modifications done?

Answer: NO! We deliver firearms in a CA legal configuration. Removing or modification of compliance parts will result in your rifle being illegal. Same goes for blocked magazines. They must not hold more than 10rds.



Question: What is the current wait time for orders to ship?

Answer: Current shipping delays are running between 1-3 weeks for most orders. There are exceptions though. Please understand we are all working as hard as we can! If your gun needs to be modified to be California Legal, expect 2+ weeks. We are still catching up on orders. 


Check Out Issues

Question: Why am I being charged shipping if I am picking up my gun from your store?

Answer: We charge shipping on all orders because we know things change. If you are picking up from our store in La Mesa, your shipping charge will be applied to the DROS fee of $37.19. 


Question: My card keeps getting declined even though I know funds are available. Why?

 Answer: Most often, the billing address for your card is not entered correctly. Also, if its a large purchase, you may need to call and inform your card company you are about to make a large purchase. 


Question: Why was my order cancelled? 

Answer:  If you are buying accessories, your billing and shipping address must match. We are unable to ship to an alternative address. All products must go to your billing address, no exceptions. 

If you purchased a firearm, and your order is cancelled, please contact us for more information. 



Back Orders

Question: Can I put a deposit down for a back ordered gun or something not in stock?

Answer: No, we cannot take an order for anything that is not either in stock at our store, or at one of our suppliers. Please use this guide to sign up for notifications:



Buying a Firearm

Question: I've never bought anything online, how can I buy a gun from WBT?

Answer: Please Refer to the “How to buy a gun guide” here: Buying a gun from WBT


Special Orders/Inventory/Restocking

Question: I don’t see the product I want listed on your website. Can you get it for me? 

Answer: Yes, please CONTACT US and we will make every effort to get. We are constantly adding new products to our website. 


Question: When will product XXX come back in stock? Can you give me a date for resupply?

Answer: We don't really ever know when products become available from our suppliers. Its hard to give a response because the honest truth is, we don't know until the day they come back available at our supplier(s)



Question: Why can’t you price match other online retailers?

Answer: WBT does everything it can to keep prices as low as possible but please remember, we are in San Diego, CA. We have to pay California wages, overhead, utilities and other expenses that our oppressive CA government places on small businesses. We are also required to have your rifle/shotgun modified out of state to meet CA laws. We either block or provide a 10rd magazine. All of these factors contribute to a higher price than a company selling a non-CA legal rifle in a “free state.” We appreciate the patronage from CA customers. We are in this fight together, and your support goes a long way! With all that said, please contact us about price matching. We will do everything we can to work with you after considering shipping, a transfer fee, compliance and magazine needs. It never hurts to ask!


DROS/Background Check

Question: What are the DROS(Background Check) requirements?

Answer: DROS(Dealer Record Of Sale) is the background check process in California. It requires you and your firearm to be physically present at a licensed gun store to complete. Please contact your local gun store about their policies as every store is a little different.